City of PrescottCiviltec Engineering, Inc. opened its first Arizona branch office in the City of Prescott in 1993. Since that time, Civiltec engineers and surveyors have worked with the City on numerous projects such as street, storm drain, water and sewer improvements. With the recent signing of three new project contracts in 2015, Civiltec continues to grow its lasting relationship with Prescott.

1. Prescott awarded Civiltec the North Washington Avenue/Churchill Street Reconstruction Project through a qualifications-based selection. The proposal clearly demonstrated Civiltec’s ability to provide not only professional engineering services, but also surveying services, condition assessments, selective replacement, installation, and hydrologic and hydraulic analyses. The project focuses on improving both visual aesthetics and safety for pedestrians, and will include: pavement reconstruction, condition assessment of sidewalks for Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, and selective replacement of substandard concrete features such as curbs and gutters.

2. The City also selected Civiltec for the Water Main Piping Replacement Project for Zone 24 and Zone 27. This project requires the design of a new 12-inch water main across seven roads with several tie-in locations, as the existing water main is currently undersized for the growing Prescott community. The Civiltec team will pay close attention to the design approach in order to maintain traffic circulation and water service for residents during the construction.

3. The third new contract is the Crystal Lane Realignment Project: a comprehensive transportation improvement project. The main goal is to provide a new intersection in order to relieve traffic congestion from the nearby Prescott Municipal Airport while mitigating site distance issues. This project will require realigning, redesigning, and constructing Crystal Lane, laying the groundwork for a future additional airport entrance.

Civiltec’s Arizona team eagerly looks forward to completing these projects with the City of Prescott. The current working relationship with the City and the proven ability to complete projects on time and within budget will continue to help pave the way to new and exciting projects. Stay tuned to or sign up for our newsletter for additional updates on our Arizona projects.