February 20, 2015 – Beginning with the addition of Civiltec’s new partner, Shem Hawes, at the end of last year, there have been some recent changes here at Civiltec, in service of the organization’s long-term leadership transition planning.

Leadership team

Left to Right: Shroads, Dusza, Byrum

Richard Shroads, who founded the company in 1986 and has long been the lead in the Prescott office, is stepping into a Founder’s role for the organization. As Founder, Rick will be transitioning into more of an advisory role for the firm. Chris Dusza, Vice President of Civiltec and manager of the Peoria office is expanding his role to oversee all of the company’s Arizona operations.

Dusza and Civiltec President W. David Byrum share a vision for the company that outlives any one individual. Working with Shroads and Hawes the team is embracing change to build a more unified organization with improved internal communication technologies to provide the best customer service in the southwest.

In terms of what these changes mean for Dusza specifically, he will be gradually transitioning off of specific project engineering and into a more managerial role. “But,” he is quick to add, “I will always be an engineer. I will still be involved in every project on some level, and I will always be available for clients if they have questions.”

“We’re very excited about the transitions that are falling into place,” said Byrum. “Chris’s engineering expertise, knowledge and experience in the region will be a true asset in unifying the work of our two Arizona offices and making sure that Civiltec continues to grow at a steady pace.”

Clients or community members with further questions about Civiltec’s management are encouraged to check out our Personnel webpage, or to contact us directly.