California Domestic Water CompanyWe are happy to announce that pre-construction has started on a large project for the California Domestic Water Company! This is a relocation of the “M” Line, a project dating back to July 2014. The Civiltec team has been designing a water transmission main replacement in the City of Industry along Workman Mill Road that involves multiple jurisdictions, including Caltrans, Los Angeles County and Union Pacific Railroad.

The existing water transmission main runs parallel to the Union Pacific Railroad’s tracks, underneath those tracks, and also underneath a major freeway in a separate location. The older pipe infrastructure (over 3,000 linear feet of 48-inch pipe) needs to be moved out of its current alignment to a new alignment that will help reduce issues down the line.

The 20,000-gallon-per-minute pipeline’s realignment right around where the 605 and 60 freeways cross provides an extra challenge. In addition, Civiltec has been coordinating with an L.A. County sanitation district to add a third track within Union Pacific’s right-of-way.

“While this project for the California Domestic Water Company is not necessarily ‘big’ in terms of length, there is a lot of detail involved,” said Project Manager David Song. “I want to especially thank everyone who has been involved in the permitting process for their persistence. ”

The following Civiltec team members have put time into this project: David Song, Omner Meza, Sara Canche, Dan Busque, Jenny Tsan, Gretel Ochoa, Terry Kerger and Sean Cho. Civiltec also thanks the following subcontractors for their assistance on this project: Steve Costin of Cooper Aerial Surveys Co.; Eugene Duncan and James Kevorkian of Western States Surveying.