Here at Civiltec, our team proudly excels in diverse and complementary areas of expertise. Our services can be executed individually, or combined to address the complex needs of multi-faceted projects, and with two offices in Arizona, we are well positioned to respond quickly to the needs of our clients. As our organization continues to grow, so does our talented pool of engineers. At any given time, you will find the Civiltec team members focused on one of our many service lines, including:

Civil Engineering – Civiltec has extensive experience with street reconstruction, easement acquisitions, grading and drainage plans, initial engineering assessments and CIP prioritizations for public works infrastructure, structural assessments, and site improvement plans.

Water Engineering – In a state like Arizona, where effective water management is so critical to municipal operations, Civiltec excels at designing and constructing pump stations, reservoirs, wells, transmission systems and distribution pipelines. Compiling comprehensive Water Master Plans to help organizations plan for the future is also an important part of the water engineering work we do.

Wastewater Engineering – As part of our comprehensive water management services, Civiltec embraces state-of-the-art wastewater treatment technology, plans wastewater infrastructure and designs wastewater facilities.

Drainage EngineeringQuality flood prevention not only saves property, it saves lives. Civiltec understands the unique Arizona landscape and helps to keep our communities safe through channel and drainage structures, hydrology studies, box culverts, and SWPPPs.

Transportation Engineering – From distant desert roads to busy downtown overpasses, Civiltec has a wealth of experience working with ADOT infrastructure, roadway realignments, airport visual aids, and turning movement studies.

Construction Management – Big projects require expert management. The Civiltec team can guide communities through roadway construction, airport improvements, transit station development and much more, ensuring as little disruption as possible.

Surveying – Successful projects start with careful surveys, including construction staking, topographic surveys, aerial surveys, legal descriptions, and ALTA surveys. Civiltec does it all.

Whether your organization needs a new pump station,  a Water Master Plan, a drainage study to assess and evaluate long-term infrastructure, or one of our many other services, Civiltec is here to help.