Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company

Civiltec has been working diligently with the Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company on designing two buildings to accompany a well-equipping project. In addition to working with the Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company Operations Superintendent Carol Thomas-Keefer, Civiltec is also working hand-in-hand with AVRWC’s parent company Park Water Services and their Vice President Rick Dalton, as well as Western State Surveying (Survey), CalPower (Electrical), Armstrong and Walker (Landscape and Irrigation), and ANB Engineering Consultants (Structural). The project officially kicked off in late November 2015; Phase 1 should be complete around the end of February 2016 with final plans and cost estimates complete around the end of April 2016.

Apple Valley Ranchos Water Company is currently drilling a new well with a 3,000 gallon-per-minute capacity to serve its customers. Civiltec was brought on to provide civil designs and structural engineering for all the pumping equipment, an on-site generator system, the on-site electrical system, and the two buildings that need to accompany the new well:

  1. A building to house the well equipment and an on-site chlorine generation system
  2. A building to house the permanent generator

David Song is the Project Manager for this project, assisted by Terry Kerger as QAQC Technical Advisor, Sean Cho, Charlie Devine, Jenny Tsan, Bed Dawadi, and Sara Canche.

“These kinds of projects are very familiar to us here at Civiltec,” said David Song. “The Conditional Use Permit approval is actually the toughest part of this project since we have to wait for the permit to process through the city’s Planning Commission. After that, it should be smooth sailing.”

Stay tuned to for more updates on this project.