Company History

Civiltec was founded in 1986 in Pasadena, California by Mr. Richard Shroads. Civiltec was founded to provide general civil engineering work in 1986 with a focus primarily upon private development, subdivision design and federal design-build projects. Civiltec was moved to Monrovia, California in 1990 which continues to house all corporate functions of the firm.  In 1992, with the addition of Mr. Byrum and others, Civiltec re-focused its services onto water engineering, environmental engineering and general municipal engineering. The combination of Mr. Byrum’s municipal and water background and the existing Civiltec staff’s general civil engineering background provided a unique expertise for engineering services because of our experience on “both sides of the counter”. We know the intricacies of design work associated with private development from having performed the work ourselves in the past and public agency policies for implementation of development in accordance with general plans, master plans, CEQA guidelines, specific plans and standards for development from representation of public agencies in the area.

Mr. Shroads opened the Prescott, Arizona office in 1993 with the mission of providing quality civil engineering services to central Arizona. Civiltec has established itself as the premier civil engineering firm in the area specializing in transportation engineering, water and wastewater engineering and surveying. Mr. Shroads and Mr. Dusza opened the Phoenix, Arizona office in 1999. The Phoenix management and staff are experts in flood plain management, surveying services, street improvements, water system analysis and improvements, sewer system analysis and improvements, storm drain system analysis and improvements, grading and drainage projects, area master drainage studies, hydrology studies, hydrologic modeling, and hydraulic modeling.